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This year we've witnessed first-hand how crucial human connection is

Keep looking for your way to serve. Everyone has something to give - time, talent, items - and there is someone who needs just that something.
Nonprofit Leader, Human Rights Services
We have had more volunteer applications come in since COVID than ever before. So many want to help and make a difference.
Nonprofit Leader, Health Services
It has been incredible for our organization to see the ways that younger volunteers and family groups have stepped into the gaps left by the more vulnerable volunteers during this time.
Nonprofit Leader, Community Resources
Nonprofit organizations are in a time of great need, both in terms of manpower and finances. standing up to be part of something greater than yourself is an essential part of getting our nation back on its feet and preventing a greater fall.
Nonprofit Leader, Community Gardens
Even during these chaotic and uncertain times, there are many good-hearted people stepping up to help those in need.
Nonprofit Leader, Hunger
For some trapped at home, it's a god-send to have a reason to leave home and connect with people, if they can be in a place managed for safety.
Nonprofit Leader, Parks and Recreation
Volunteering is vital for nonprofits and the people we serve. Volunteering is critical for people's emotional well being by enabling us to stay connected to others and contribute to the common good.
Nonprofit Leader
virtual volunteers are an immense help and they gain valuable experience back
Nonprofit Leader, Medicine


How essential it is to match volunteers to the causes who need them, when they need them most

Helping others in need is more important than ever. People are out of work, scared of becoming ill and depressed. I was deeply depressed for a few weeks. We the people truly need each other in these times of uncertainty.
Volunteering begins with from within the individual. I believe we all want to help others, but sometimes we falter with our real relationships due to growing up. I'd like to engage more by helping those who need it most. It's the most rewarding work because you're not expecting anything back. You give what you have and that means the world to most people.
I should have done this kinda thing long ago I care that we have a system in county city state and gov that sets the less fortunate up to fail and fade away I need to do my part whatever that is.
Volunteering has changed my life in so many positive ways. I think everyone has a gift to offer.
Volunteering in the community can be done safely, if you are trained and protect yourself.
I really miss volunteering with the nursing home residents. I know the staff is overwhelmed, so I wish there was some way volunteers could help.
There are ways to volunteer safely in person. The nonprofits need you!

And to Shine the Light on Causes Who Keep Our Communities Strong

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