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The purpose of the Match Studio is to build on a movement of art as advocacy, and advocacy as volunteerism, to amplify diverse voices and causes, and to support communities around the country. 

DJ Agana


 Rooted in her Latinx identity of Venezuelan descent, hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, DJ Agana is an internationally acclaimed multi-dimensional contemporary artist converging traditional large scale murals and contemporary street art by painting prolific imagery encompassing black liberation, women's empowerment, racial and environmental justice.

Defending the Earth Artwork



'Defend the Earth'

In this work, DJ Agana combines two great passions: graffiti art and environmental advocacy. The piece is vibrant with colorful leaves, ferns, and flowers bunched together in an afro-like bouquet. Mother Nature — a beautiful face with a disarming expression — looks out from underneath. 


Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 4.42.55 PM



Proceeds from DJ Agana's merchandise will go to a nonprofit close to her heart: Few and Far Women.

Few and Far Women is an assemblage of women who beautify the streets. In a shared commitment to creativity, education, and social justice, they draw, paint, skateboard, and teach all over the globe.


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Street Sense Media

Strives to end homelessness in the Washington, D.C. area by empowering people in need with the skills, tools, and confidence to succeed. They use a range of media platforms to raise awareness and spotlight solutions to homelessness in D.C communities.


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