The Color of Care

VolunteerMatch is proud to partner with Harpo Productions and Smithsonian Channel to promote The Color of Care — a new documentary chronicling how people of color suffer from systemically substandard healthcare in the United States and how COVID-19 exposed the tragic consequences of this inequity.

It is important for everyone watching the film to know that they have a voice, can take action, and create change.

Volunteer with Health and Medicine organizations dedicated to make a difference or look for more opportunities in your community on VolunteerMatch

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Medical students who believed in anatomical differences between White & Black patients also believed that Black patients “felt less pain” and should be prescribed a lower dosage of medicine. DATA SOURCE

The proportion of physicians who are Black in the U.S has increased by only 4% over the past 120 years. DATA SOURCE


Black women are 3 to 4 times more likely to experience a pregnancy related death than white women. DATA SOURCE

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Money Talk$

In celebration of Black History Month, VolunteerMatch and Newwave Foundation are launching a new financial literacy educational series to help develop financial wellness and bridge the information gap for communities of color.


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