Volunteering During COVID-19

A compilation of quantitative and qualitative data on volunteering during COVID-19

It's clear from the data that volunteers are needed now more than ever, and that in order to build their numbers and maximize their impact, we must, as a sector, reimagine what it means to volunteer.

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93% of Volunteering Cancelled


Many leaders from socially responsible companies like yours shared with us that they are eager to meet the growing needs of the nonprofit sector. According to our survey, 93% of volunteering was cancelled. What can you do to drive employee engagement and support your communities at this critical moment?

This eBook will give you insights into how you can best maximize your impact, featuring:

  • Quantitative and qualitative data from nonprofits, volunteers, and fellow CSR leaders to help you shape your volunteering programs during this time
  • Approaches to partner with nonprofit organizations where they need it most
  • Creative ways to engage employees and lessen the feelings of isolation with a variety of virtual volunteering ideas and fun virtual fundraisers

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