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Turn Your Site Into A Coronavirus Volunteering Outpost


Inspire your audience to take action with VolunteerMatch Connect, a free widget you can add directly to your site to make it easy for anyone to find ways to help right now and be of service.

Simply add the code snippet to any website and instantly become a part of coronavirus relief efforts nationwide.

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Grab The Free Code Snippet


Now, more than ever, we need your help to amplify the message that volunteers are wanted and needed to serve our most vulnerable populations.


Turn your site into a volunteering outpost, allowing your community members to quickly access 70,000+ virtual volunteer opportunities, plus search from the thousands of volunteering opportunities local to them.


Each of these opportunities have been identified as related to the COVID-19 crisis in some way by nonprofit organizations aiding communities impacted by the coronavirus.


Get the snippet here
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Taller Connect Widget

For sites with more screen availability




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Shorter Connect Widget

For sites with less screen availability




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Installation Is Simple

A short line of code is all you need to mobilize your audience to take action.

  1. Easily integrate the self-contained widget into your website with two ad-sized spaces: 336px by 280px and 300px by 600px
  2. Take full advantage of VolunteerMatch’s URL based search parameters, where users can enter keywords for causes they care about
  3. Automatically updates with the latest opportunities

Video Tutorials

Plenty of tutorials on how to use the CLEAN series to it's full potential.


Super Customizable

Made with loads of customization options that don't require touching a lick of code.


UX Focused

The best experiences are those that feel intuitive and full of surprise and delight.


Respond Quickly To The Needs of Your Community with the VolunteerMatch Connect Widget