Our lives changed dramatically throughout 2020, with many of us working remotely, increased responsibilities with our families, and, for all of us, an increase in the time spent alone and isolated. All of this is impacting our mental health. According to the research from March 2021 KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor by Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly half of all adults surveyed reported feeling negative mental health impacts related to worry or stress from the pandemic. For many of us, these challenges were not new, but were only exacerbated by the conditions of living in a socially distanced world.

How can we support one another, practice self-care, and remember that sometimes, it’s perfectly ok to not be okay, at work and at home? 


Our panel of experts will share real-life stories, practical tips and strategies to help, with ideas for how to: 

  • Develop healthy, thriving relationships with yourself, at work, and in your community

  • Create a supportive and encouraging personal support network and virtual workplaces

  • Shape a more inclusive culture through community service and volunteerism

  • Share personal stories to build connection, inclusivity and healthier relationships




Faye McCray, Editor in Chief of Psych Central

Faye McCray is an industry leader who is personally advancing the discussion about mental health awareness, specifically Black mental health. Faye is editor in chief of PsychCentral, a property of Healthline Media. PsychCentral is a premier destination for mental health content that believes exploring your mental health is about fortifying your strengths and deepening your understanding of your innate resilience. She was one of the Healthline Live Town Hall moderators: Mental Health in Focus, which aired live on Tuesday where she interviewed Taraji P. Henson and other newsmakers and celebrities about mental health. You can watch the Healthline Live Town Hall anytime here. And Faye just had an op-ed published about Black mental health


Deirdre Bernard-Pearl, MD, Pediatric Medical Director, Santa Rosa Community Health

Dr. Bernard-Pearl has been the Medical Director of Santa Rosa Community Health’s Pediatric Campus and Elsie Allen Campus since 2016 and prior to that was a medical provider. SRCH’s Pediatric Campus provides integrated medical and mental health care and dental screenings for over 7,000 low-income and predominantly Latino children every year. The Elsie Allen Campus provides specialized care for over 2,000 teens ages 12-19 from across Santa Rosa.

As the leader of these two health centers, Dr. Pearl ensures that every person who walks not only gets the best possible care, but that they are met with culturally- and age-responsive care, and that they are seen, heard, and valued for who they are. At the Elsie Allen Campus, this has included significant work to educate and empower youth to make healthy choices, especially regarding their sexual and reproductive health. At the Pediatric Campus, in addition to the sheer number of children and families impacted by access to high quality care, a hallmark project has been Dr. Pearl and the team’s work to implement universal ACE’s screening for children AND parents at the Pediatric Campus. This work was launched with federal grant funding, support from First 5 Sonoma County, and then extended to the Elsie Allen Campus with grant support from Kaiser Permanente.

She is board-certified in Pediatrics and a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She serves on the California Surgeon General’s ACEs Aware Implementation Sub-Committee and recently completed a fellowship in the Health Care Leadership Program at UCSF-California Health Care Foundation. Because of her expertise, Dr. Bernard-Pearl was selected to serve as a coach for the Center for Care Innovation and Genentech “Resilient Beginnings Collaborative” in 2018 that helped seven Bay Area sites implement trauma-informed care and ACEs screenings in the pediatric safety net care setting.

Dr. Bernard-Pearl received her medical degree from Stanford University School of Medicine, where she co-founded the Stanford Alternative Health Collective. She completed her internship and residency training in Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Oakland. She has been on the full-time Pediatrics faculty at UCSF and has worked as a hospitalist in New York City. Dr. Bernard-Pearl has additional training in counseling, supportive/expressive group psychotherapy, and self-hypnosis. She lives in the East Bay with her wife, Lisa, and is the mother of twin boys, Josh and Kai, and their sister Rachel.


Libby Alexander & Amanda Wendler, Mother and Daughter whose story the film Four Good Days is based

Libby's and Amanda's emotional journey was originally captured in an article written by Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post writer Eli Saslow. Amanda's 10 year heroin addition strained their relationship with her mother, Libby to the point where it torn them apart. After several attempts over the years with overcoming her addiction when Amanda was 31, she found she was a good candidate for the naltrexone shot that make is it impossible to get high by blocking the effects of opiates on the brain. The Washington Post article and the film Four Good Days document this last attempt at sobriety the 4 days before she gets the treatment, and the struggle to remain clean.



Pamela Harrington, Executive Director of Bring Change to Mind

Pamela Harrington is the Executive Director of Bring Change to Mind. She joined the organization ten years ago and has worked with Co-Founder Glenn Close to amplify mental health conversations, build community and to end stigma.




Nzinga Christine Blake
Executive Producer, Race & Culture | ABC Owned Television Stations

Nzinga is an Emmy-Award Winning Executive Producer, working at the intersection of entertainment, social impact, and cause marketing. She’s known for her work as a storyteller who uplifts multicultural & underrepresented voices in ways that change the social and cultural conversation to create profound change.

Her career spans work in front of and behind the camera, as a writer, host, director and producer, and she has worked with numerous organizations including Tribune Media, BET, the CW, Cartoon Network and Showtime. She is currently Executive Producer, Race and Culture at ABC Owned Television Studios.



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