Guest Blog Submission Guidelines

Want to author a post on the VolunteerMatch Blog? Check out these friendly guidelines to get started.


Join our community.

We invite you to submit guest posts to the VolunteerMatch Blog so the community of businesses, nonprofits, and volunteers supported by VolunteerMatch can benefit from your knowledge, experience, and perspectives.

The guidelines below will help you ensure that the content you submit reaches the widest audience and has the most impact.


Who should submit guest blog content?

Nonprofit professionals, business leaders, CSR practitioners, academics, volunteers who have a message for nonprofits, or anyone with something to say about volunteer recruitment, engagement, and/or management.

Note: We prioritize content from those who have direct experience with volunteerism at the corporate, nonprofit, government, or personal level.


What type of content is most valuable to the VolunteerMatch community?

  • Best practices, opinion pieces, case studies, interviews, how-tos and tips, reflections or perspectives on current events, listicle style posts, and personal stories
  • We place a preference on unique content that has not and will not be published through other publications
  • Guest posts have the best results when word counts are between 300-500 per post.
  • We love to highlight our guest authors! Please include an author bio and headshot with your guest post, no more than a few sentences. Here are some author bio best practices to be mindful of.
  • Include at least one picture relevant to the post, and if you obtained it from the Internet, include its source so we can publish proper attribution.
  • Links are a great way to join your blog post with the rest of the online blogging community. Feel free to include links to other relevant posts and materials. *please note that we reserve the right to include links at our discretion 
  • We encourage you to include a call-to-action at the end of the post with a link that further engages the VolunteerMatch community.
  • We welcome posts that incorporate a diverse range of media, including slideshows, videos, and anything else that mixes things up a bit. 
  • If your post


What type of content is not published on the VolunteerMatch Blog?

  • The VolunteerMatch blog is typically not a place for content that is overtly promotional in nature (such as press releases)
  • The blog is not a place for instigative, controversial, or partisan content.
  • In order to protect our editors' time, we prefer content that makes use of proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation upon submission.
  • We will not publish anything that is in any way discriminatory, inflammatory, or otherwise harmful to individuals, groups, or society at large.


How should guest blog content be submitted for consideration?

Please submit your content through our Guest Blog Submission Form, along with all requested materials.

If selected, we will reach back out at our earliest convenience. Please note that due to high levels of interest, we are unfortunately not able to publish every guest post that is submitted, and we may not be able to acknowledge everyone who submits content for consideration, although we do try our hardest to be as responsive as possible.

Thanks for contributing to the VolunteerMatch community!